About Us
GreenLeaf IT is a leading provider of consulting & training solutions for Engineering, Procurement & Construction, Project Management, Business Process, Oil & Gas, Process, Power (Generation, Transmission and Distribution), Building services Consultants, Ship Building, Government and Manufacturing sector.

We work with industry leaders like Engineers India Ltd., Tyco Thermal, Alstom Power, Indian Oil Corporation ltd., Saipem Triune Engineering , Samsung Engineering, Minimax, Bridge and Roof, Punj Lloyd, Simon Carves, Technip KT India, Bridge and Roof, MoserBaer just to name a few.
By implementing our project life cycle and training solution; we can enable your team to…
Reduce design cycle time
Improve project management process / methodology
Inculcate quality culture across the organization through involvement of employee in business excellence initiative.
Reduce cost of operations and enhance customer satisfaction.
Train your project team so that they can continuously improve the project & process management methodology.